Sunday, March 1, 2009

Calvin Evans I Aint Lyin' One Year Anniversary World Premiere

A year ago on February 21,2008 I created, produce, directed and marketed my first comedy show Calvin Evans "I Aint Lyin'. The concept had been in my mind for 6 months and I didnt know how to turn this thought into a reality. There were no groups on campus I thought I could work with to put this show together, and I didnt have the money to do it on my own. While brainstoriming with my right hand man Ray Bennett, he gave me the idea to create our own Registered Student Organization(RSO), by doing so I would be able to use the campus buildings for little or no charge. After getting my RSO "High Times Comedy Inc." approved we began planning for what we thought would be our comedy empire on campus. We plan to specialize in sketch comedy in a Dave Chappelle like format. Unfortunatley things didnt workout so perfectly and we ened up going an entire semester not doing anything with the RSO. Finally we decided to push the show, in between putting together the show I performed for Sonya D opening up for Pierre in Bloomington ( see "Lost Tape") so I was going into my show with the confidence and momentum from that performance. I walked around campus for days plastering building with my I Aint Lyin posters. The phrase "I Aint Lyin'" came from my father, who I think is the funniest man on earth. I told him if I ever had a show I would call it "I Aint Lyin'" and so I did. The show was scheduled for 7pm Thursday February 21st. Now the marketing department had messed up my fliers after I cursed them out for taking 3 weeks to create my flier which was fairly simple and they didnt put the time on it. So I hand wrote the time on every flier and pass them out. Fast forward to the day of the show, I go to the Courtyard Cafe before the show so I can start to prepare myself and get the stage set up. Its 6:45 and people are still in the cafe drinking coffee, talking, studying, whatever, and Im like "what the hell is going on" I have a show in 15 minutes and nothing is set up. I talk to one of the employees and they tell me they have me down for 8 O'clock! So now Im really pissed, I have people showing up for the show at the correct time and I have tell them to relax for an hour, some do and some cant, so I have people in and out and Im freaking out because this may affect my overall turn out, not to mention it a blizzard going on outside. In my mind the odds are working against me, but none the less I still wanna put on a good show for the people. As 8pm rolls around I go back stage and change clothes, the Cafe is looking pretty full and Im ready to do something I always dreamed of. This was my Madison Square Garden performance but on a smaller scale for my peers, teachers and family. I went on stage and did what many professional comedians haven't, my own show, and produced and sold a dvd following the show. So with out further a due I give you, for FREE, Calvin Evans "I Aint Lyin'". I truly hope you enjoy this show because it was truly a dream realized.